Jochen Ickinger
28/02/2024 • 9 min

UAP in the European Parliament - Part 2

The UFO subject has recently returned at the European Parliament, but that's not a new fact. Such an interaction has had its ups and downs from more than 30 years. This is the full story (Part 2) #Science #Research #Technology

Jochen Ickinger
27/02/2024 • 17 min

UAP in the European Parliament - Part 1

The UFO subject has recently returned at the European Parliament, but that's not a new fact. Such an interaction has had its ups and downs from more than 30 years. This is the full story (Part 1) #Science #Research #Technology #Detection

Stavros Hatzopoulos
24/02/2024 • 3 min

The First Issue of Limina – a Scientific  Journal of UAP studies

Here comes the long-expected first issue of the new peer-reviewed journal by SUAPS (the Society for UAP Studies) #Science

Hansjürgen Köhler
22/02/2024 • 2 min

More than 800 Reports Received by CENAP (Germany) in 2023

The highest number of incoming UFO sighting reports in three years has been collected by a German organization during 2023 #Research

Stefano Innocenti
21/02/2024 • 3 min

Ufo in Rome:  a New Book about UFO sighting Reports from the “Eternal City”

The latest book by Rome ufologist Francesca Bittarello is titled “UFOs in Rome” and is devoted entirely to sighting reports that occurred within the Italian capital town territory in the second half of the Twentieth Century. #Science #Technology

GianPaolo Grassino
21/02/2024 • 3 min

The history of Spanish ufology in the letters between Antonio Ribera and Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos

A huge book collection of a 30 years long correspondence by the father of Spanish ufology #Study #Research

Jeffrey J. Kripal, Ph.D.
16/02/2024 • 39 min

“Shooting Down Souls… Good Luck with That”

Historian of religions Jeffrey Kripal, Ph.D., looks at a few of the paradoxes that arise in the study of the UFO phenomenon. #Study

Theresa Hitchens
15/02/2024 • 9 min

From Russia with nukes?

“Nuclear weapons in space are a really, really dumb idea,” said Jessica West of Canadian non-profit Ploughshares, but experts note that with Russia, nothing can ever be fully ruled out. #Technology #Detection

Bruno Mancusi
12/02/2024 • 1 min

French GEIPAN has got a new Director: Frédéric Courtade

Long gone are the days when a Jean-Jacques Velasco could stay at the helm of GEPAN/SEPRA for 22 years... #Study #Technology #Astronomy

Ulrich Magin
12/02/2024 • 4 min

Flying Saucers from Naziland?

A new book about the myth of alleged saucer-shaped Nazist crafts or weapons #Research

SETI Institute
12/02/2024 • 3 min

Iota Centaurid meteors showed stronger than usual activity

#Research #Detection

SETI Institute
12/02/2024 • 4 min

SETI Institute Employs SETI Ellipsoid Technique for Searching for Signals from Distant Civilizations

February 12, 2024, Mountain View, CA -- In a paper published in the Astronomical Journal, a team of researchers from the SETI Institute, Berkeley SETI Research Center and the University of Washington reported an exciting development for the field of astrophysics and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), using observations from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission to monitor the SETI Ellipsoid, a method for identifying potential signals from advanced civilizations in the #Research

Jonathan O’Callaghan
10/02/2024 • 2 min

Fragments of Asteroid With Mystery Origin Are Found Outside Berlin

Astronomers tracked the entry of a small space rock into Earth’s atmosphere, and then meteorite hunters made an unexpected discovery. #Discovery

Leah Sarnoff
07/02/2024 • 3 min

Saturn's 'Death Star' moon has a hidden ocean under its surface

French astronomer Valéry Lainey and a team of researchers from Observatoire de Paris announced the discovery of Mimas' newly formed ocean on Wednesday. #Discovery #Research

Saturn's Death Star-looking moon may have vast underground ocean

Can Emir
06/02/2024 • 3 min

NASA's new Lidar to power spacecraft landing on extraterrestrial worlds

NASA's latest Navigation Doppler Lidar tech is reshaping lunar landings. #Research #Technology

SETI Institute
05/02/2024 • 5 min

Asteroid that impacted near Berlin identified as a rare Aubrite

  #Science #Research #Technology #Detection

SETI Institute
30/01/2024 • 2 min

Asteroid 2024 BX1 Successfully Recovered After Berlin Impact

The asteroid that made its impact near Berlin last Sunday has now been successfully recovered. In a significant find, our team, including Dr. Peter Jenniskens from the SETI Institute, located two samples of the asteroid 2024 BX1 this afternoon. This discovery brings the total number of recovered meteorites from this event to four. Polish meteorite enthusiasts Filip Samuel Nikodem, Michal Nebelski, Kryspin Kmieciak, and Kazimierz Magneto had made headlines yesterday with their recovery of an asteroid fragm #Discovery

Beatriz Villarroel
21/01/2024 • 13 min

The Vanishing Star Enigma and the 1952 Washington D

Astronomer Beatriz Villarroel examines the enigma of #Discovery #Science #Study #Research #Astronomy #Detection

Kelsey Klimara
19/01/2024 • 7 min

Public's UFO obsession has experts

\ #Science #Study #Research #Astronomy

Micah Hanks
18/01/2024 • 13 min

Will Scientists Soon Confirm the Existence of Alien Life?

Tantalizing hints that a major scientific discovery involving alien life may be on the way are afoot... but is there more here than hype? #Discovery #Science

The Saga of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s Recent ‘Medical Mystery’

Baptiste Friscourt
16/01/2024 • 3 min

UFOs in Africa, encounters and aftermath

For the release of the English translation of his book "the UFO Issue In Central Africa", Jann Halexander talks with UAPCheck News in an exclusive interview

Robin George Andrews
16/01/2024 • 2 min

This Distant Planet Has a 350

The stream of helium trailing WASP-69b, a “Hot Jupiter,” allows astronomers to study how planets lose their atmospheres. #Study

Can Emir
15/01/2024 • 3 min

Mysterious UFO sighting over Beijing sparks SpaceX speculation

Mysterious glowing object over Beijing sparks UFO speculation \u2014\u00a0and experts suggest it might be related to the aftermath of a SpaceX rocket. #Science #Research #Technology #Astronomy

Jacques Vallée
15/01/2024 • 8 min

Opinion: Non-Human Intelligence at the Threshold

Jacques Vallée examines the question of non-human intelligence and the potential impact of human decisionmaking at the intersection of AI and UAP. #Discovery #Science #Study #Research #Technology

Michelle Butterfield
15/01/2024 • 9 min

‘Totally made up story’

'They are not extraterrestrials, they are not intraterrestrials, they are not a new species, they are not hybrids, they are none of those things,' a Peruvian forensics expert said. #Science

SETI Institute
11/01/2024 • 4 min

Empowering the Next Generation of Cosmic Explorers with SETI Forward

January 11, 2024, Mountain View, CA -- The SETI Institute is announcing the 2023 SETI Forward Award recipients: Dana Yaptangco and Rózà Okón. Now in its 5th year, SETI Forward is a beacon for promising young scientists. Established by Lew Levy, SETI Forward committee founder and member of its Council of Advisors, this award nurtures talent, providing scholarship funds to aspiring researchers. The goal is to connect these students with opportunities that foster their passion for SETI and astrobiology, g #Research

Baptiste Friscourt
10/01/2024 • 10 min

Exclusive: Former DGSE Intelligence Chief Alain Juillet on UFOs: “These are systems against which our armies are incapable of responding"

In an exclusive interview for UAPCheck News, Alain Juillet delivers a geopolitical assessment on unidentified anomalous phenomena. #Discovery #Study #Technology #Detection

Michelle Butterfield
10/01/2024 • 7 min

Leaked ‘jellyfish’ UFO video leaves the internet enthralled and baffled

The footage of a jellyfish-like object gliding through the sky has attracted all kinds of outlandish theories and observations from curious onlookers.

SETI Institute
08/01/2024 • 5 min

COSMIC: The SETI Institute is Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe with Breakthrough Technology at the Karl G



François Mathieu
07/01/2024 • 10 min

The Avrocar: between Science and Geopolitics in the Cold War Era

In the annals of aviation history, the Avrocar still stands as a symbol of ambition and innovation