Howard Altman
26/01/2024 • 8 min

Watchdog Says Pentagon'

The Pentagon's Inspector General slammed the department's dealings on the issue of UAPs in a scathing previously classified report. #AARO #Pentagon

Micah Hanks
11/01/2024 • 7 min

New Bipartisan Bill Aims to Strengthen UAP Reporting from Civilian Pilots and Aviation Personnel

A new bill, the 'Safe Airspace for Americans Act' aims to encourage reports of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) from pilots. #AARO #Navy

Brandi Vincent
10/01/2024 • 3 min

Pentagon’s UAP investigation hub works to reach full operational capability

The Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) is on track to reach full operational capability (FOC) by Sept. 30 — or the end of fiscal year 2024, DefenseScoop confirmed on Tuesday.  #AARO

Micah Hanks
10/01/2024 • 6 min

Pilot’s Bizarre Encounter With 30-Foot-Tall Triangular UFO Prompts Aviation Safety Concerns

A bizarre incident unfolded in the skies last month as a private pilot reported a mid-air encounter with a 30-foot-tall triangular UFO. #AARO