Christopher Mellon
12/04/2024 • 88 min

The Pentagon’s New UAP Report is Seriously Flawed

In an exhaustive analysis, Christopher Mellon breaks down why the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office's new UAP report is seriously flawed. #AARO #Air Force

Micah Hanks
14/03/2024 • 12 min

AARO’s Historical Report

The long-awaited historical report on UAP by the DoD's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office is finally out... but there are a few problems. #AARO

Micah Hanks
10/03/2024 • 13 min

Pentagon UAP Report Says No Evidence U.S. Has Collected Exotic Technology

A new Pentagon UAP report says it found no evidence of extraterrestrial technology or secret programs being kept from Congress. #AARO

ERIC TUCKER Associated Press
08/03/2024 • 3 min

Pentagon study finds no sign of alien life in reported UFO sightings going back decades

A new Pentagon study that examined reported sightings of UFOs over nearly the last century has found no evidence of aliens or extraterrestrial intelligence #Pentagon

UFOs in storage?

Julian E. Barnes
08/03/2024 • 2 min

Pentagon Review Finds No Evidence of Alien Cover-Up

But the new report suggests that the public’s belief that the government is hiding what it knows will probably continue. #Pentagon

Brandi Vincent
08/03/2024 • 7 min

DOD developing ‘Gremlin’ capability to help personnel collect real-time UAP data

The Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office is producing and refining a new deployable surveillance capability — the Gremlin System — to enable personnel to capture real-time data and more rapidly respond to unidentified anomalous phenomena incidents as they occur, the acting chief of the office told DefenseScoop during a press briefing Wednesday. #AARO

Andreas Müller
04/03/2024 • 3 min

Italian Air Force Releases UFO Annual Report 2023

Since 1978, the Italian Air Force has been investigating sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and has been publishing annual reports and their investigations on 2001. #Air Force