Japan, Minister of Defense Kihara : "We must pay close attention to events related to the security of our country, including UAPs"

On December 7, Representative Yoshiharu Asakawa questioned Japan's top defense officials for 20 minutes at the Safety and Security Commission. His questions focused on unidentified abnormal phenomena.


Published 2023-12-12 at 05:57

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During the interview, which was attended by representatives of the various defense agencies concerned by Representative Asakawa's questions, the most forthcoming official on the subject turned out to be the Minister of Defense himself. Already questioned on the subject by Yoshiharu Asakawa, as previously reported by UAPCheck News, Minoru Kihara was, this time, prepared to answer on this thorny issue.

He declared that it was imperative for Japan's defense forces to pay close attention to the country's security at a time of heightened tensions with China, Russia, and North Korea. He stressed, however, that UAPs were part of these concerns, and that it was a subject close to his heart, having worked for Japan Airlines himself.

Furthermore, he went on to explain that Japan was collaborating with US forces, while the other representatives refused to answer Representative Asakawa's detailed questions, emphasizing the country's safety needs. They also refused to comment on why the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office had shown on a freely accessible map that western Japan was particularly visited by UFOs.

UAP Reporting Trends, AARO, USG, Public Domain

The Minister of Defense then took the floor to say that he shared Representative Asakawa's concerns, as advanced military platforms could be hiding behind these unidentified objects. He added that he was working to establish a relationship with US defense on this subject. He went on to explain that he was currently collecting and analyzing information on UAPs so that he could better answer Representative Asakawa's questions.

The latter then closed his speech, thanking the Minister for these efforts, and calling on him to ensure that this does not remain just words, but that there is concrete action on the subject of UAPs.

Main picture: Minister of Defense Minoru Kihara, Safety and Security Commission, Japan Government

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