Representative Asakawa Questions Japan's Minister of Defense on UAPs

On November 9, during a session of the House of Representatives Security Committee, Rep. Yoshiharu Asakawa urged the Ministry of Defense to consider establishing an official UFO study group in Japan.


Published 2023-11-12 at 11:07

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During the session, Mr. Asakawa began by recalling the recent conference in the Mexican Congress, mentioning the presentations by astrophysicist Avi Loeb and former pilot Ryan Graves. He then asked if the Ministry of Defense acknowledged the existence of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).

The Representative of Defense Policies then responded that Americans understand UAPs to be abnormal situations in the air or underwater, and the Ministry of Defense was aware that such situations existed. He added that this also involved objects that cannot be identified. He further explained that these are objects endangering the country's security, and the Ministry of Defense collaborated with the United States regarding the collection and analysis of information.

Representative Asakawa then spoke again, explaining that the use of the term "UAP" does not necessarily mean "extraterrestrial flying saucer" but could refer to natural phenomena, weapon systems, or unknown objects jeopardizing national security.

He then pointed out a real taboo on the subject, mentioning a pilot who claimed to have seen a UFO and was grounded as a result. Continuing, he stated that the United States is establishing a declassification commission on the subject. He mentioned whistleblower David Grusch's sworn testimony in July, who claimed, based on his 4-year investigation and interviews with nearly 40 witnesses, that the United States had a program to recover Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and even biological remains.

Representative Asakawa questioned the absence of such discussions in the Japanese parliament and the silence of major national media. Given that the Defense representative indicated ongoing analyses, he concluded his intervention by asking if it was possible to know the nature of these analyses.

The Defense Ministry representative then responded that this information couldn’t be publicly disclosed as it concerned the country's external relations but confirmed it was a national security issue as UAP could overload defense systems.

Mr. Asakawa continued, stating that the Pentagon's UFO study group had released a report showing that Japan was a zone of intense UAP reporting, especially in the west.

The Defense Minister Minoru Kihara then confirmed that there was indeed an area to the west of Japan where observations frequently occur. He further confirmed that there was information and analysis sharing on the subject with the U.S. and added that he will continue to monitor the situation.

Representative Asakawa concluded his questions by urging the Ministry of Defense to consider the establishment of an official UFO study group in Japan.

Main picture: Yoshiharu Asakawa, Japan House of Representatives, Security Committee, Public Domain

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