U.S. Representatives May Receive Secret Briefings on UFO Whistleblower Information

Whistleblower David Grusch may finally be able to indirectly reveal who is running the alleged non-human craft recovery program to U.S. Representatives, but the public may not have the “need to know”.


Published 2023-10-18 at 03:10

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David Grusch made headlines around the world this summer, following the investigation by journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, published in The Debrief, and his sworn testimony before the House Oversight Committee. 

In his testimony, David Grusch claims that, following a 4-year investigation during which he interviewed nearly 40 witnesses, he uncovered an illegal program for the recovery of allegedly exotic craft. 

Also present at the House public hearing were David Fravor, former commander of the Navy's Black Aces and a witness in the Nimitz UFO case, and Ryan Graves, a former F18 pilot, who described how the pilots in his group observed UFOs almost daily.

Repeatedly questioned during the hearing, David Grusch stated that he would only be able to answer specific questions if he was in a classified hearing, or during an interview in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). 

Among the questions he refused to answer in public, one can find the list of individuals with “firsthand knowledge” concerning alleged non-human origin craft recovery programs. This also includes the physical locations of these programs and, consequently, the possible craft, some of which Grusch described as “intact.”

According to Grusch, some of these programs are funded through Independent Research and Development (IR&D) agreements with private companies to conceal them from congressional oversight, making them illegal in his view. Another legal concern is the favoritism shown to certain companies by entrusting them with elements purportedly from exotic craft without competitive bidding. This gives those companies technological advancements without giving their competitors an opportunity to benefit from the same elements for their research.

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The Front Line

However, it appeared that the prospect of a classified briefing by Grusch to the representatives was fading. One notable instance was that of Representative Anna Paulina Luna of Florida during a conference organized by the news channel The Hill, titled “The Truth Is Out There: UFOs & National Security.” In her interview, she stated that David Grusch was denied access to a SCIF, citing the excuse that he no longer had security clearance, having left the intelligence community in April 2023. Representative Luna then stated that representatives were “still actively being stonewalled in regard to his security clearance so that he can actually brief us.”

During the conference, Representative Tim Burchett from Tennessee also declared:

"If they don't have anything to hide, if the Pentagon doesn't, then they shouldn't throw up another roadblock as they've done in the past."

He continued to discuss the challenges they faced in organizing classified hearings:

“The SCIF, we run into so many roadblocks there, we're trying to use a third party administrator and all this stuff. We're running in a lot of roadblocks there. That's the problem with this whole thing. It just creates more and more conspiracy theories because our federal government is so arrogant and so bloated, and they can just tell… they'll just run out the clock.”

According to The Washington Post, there are thousands of SCIFs available in the Washington D.C. area, from a few square meters to entire building floors. Currently, nearly one million people in the United States hold Top Secret clearance, the level of clearance required within a SCIF, with nearly half of them working in the private sector.

SCIFs are designed to store classified information, requiring those who access them to have the appropriate clearance. However, in Grusch's case, he holds the classified knowledge, so the SCIF would merely be a secure location for him to speak freely, with no classified documents present in the SCIF itself. Thus, denying him access seems absurd.

In an interview broadcast on October 7th, constitutional lawyer and civil rights advocate Daniel Sheehan announced that the information held by David Grusch was being shared with the group of representatives interested in the subject:

“I then met with actual full members of the House oversight committee, and we are in the process of arranging getting information to them in their classified status of exactly where these UFOs are being kept, and who the people are that have been working on the reverse engineering. That process is underway as we speak.”

By U.S. House of Representatives - burchett.house.gov, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=75579738
Rep. Tim Burchett, by U.S. House of Representatives, Public Domain


On 17 October 2023, Representative Luna published a message on X stating that

“Just got word that we will be allowed to do the SCIF Classified UAP briefing ref Grusch with the IG”

The Representatives will, as a result, have the opportunity to receive a briefing from the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community regarding the key issues that were raised during the hearing. This Inspector General's group is the same entity that verified the validity of David Grusch's two complaints by conducting its own independent investigation. They interviewed the witnesses mentioned by Grusch, as well as additional witnesses they identified through their own research.

Representative Luna's statement was also confirmed by Representative Burchett, who, when asked if he would now have access to David Grusch's information, replied:

“Yes, Mam, allegedly. I’ll believe it when I will see everything. There is scrambling right now and they are nervous and they should be. [...] It will be before Christmas I believe, it’s coming up, I believe, in the next couple of weeks from what I understand. [...] I believe, first of all we will go through all the documents, then there will be a secondary thing then which I understand is in the works as well [...] From what I understand there is a lot more than Grusch out there that have this information, and we are gonna get to it, and that’s why people are very nervous, and they should be, at the Pentagon, because they have been covering this thing up since 1947.”

The information from Anna Paulina Luna was also echoed by Representative Jared Moscowitz, stating:

"Disclosure is coming."

However, this does not mean that the Representatives will be able to talk about it publicly. In a previous classified UAP briefing on objects allegedly shot down in North American skies in February, and still unidentified today, many Senators called on the Executive to speak directly on the subject. So everyone expected information to leak out. However, no information leaked outside these briefings.

This doesn't mean that the Inspector General's briefing will be without impact. Representative Matt Gaetz had attended a classified briefing regarding a UAP observed by a crew at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida and openly discussed it, describing the craft as having an abnormal thermal signature with no apparent propulsion system.

On the other hand, former senator and astronaut Bill Nelson stated on several occasions that he had met with military witnesses to UAPs during his time on the Senate Armed Services Committee, which led to his collaboration with Dr. Zurbuchen to establish the UAP Independent Study Team at NASA.

The findings of this audit group were presented at a conference on May 31, 2023, recommending that NASA conduct research on the subject. More surprisingly, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office), the Department of Defense and National Intelligence's UFO study group, showed a video of a metallic sphere during this conference, stating that these objects, with no visible means of propulsion, were observed worldwide, performing interesting maneuvers, and that their origin was unknown.

Main picture: Anna Paulina Luna, USG & Image by Manuel Alvarez from Pixabay

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