Rep. Burchett: "We need to know the truth"

New information came to light regarding the political struggles around UAP Study during an interview with Representative Tim Burchett


Published 2023-06-22 at 12:39

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Congressman Tim Burchett, renowned for his dedication to UFO disclosure, recently granted an exclusive interview to Chrissy Newton for The Debrief, released on Friday, June 2.

A Tennessee Man

As one of Congress' strongest voices advocating for transparency on UFO-related information, Burchett has captured the attention of the public and the UFO community alike. Alongside his pursuits in Congress, Burchett holds a notable academic background, having earned his bachelor's degree in education from the University of Tennessee. Prior to his national political career, Burchett served as mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Tim Burchett currently serves as the United States Congressman representing Tennessee's 2nd congressional district on the House Oversight & Accountability Committee, which includes subcommittees focused on cybersecurity, information technology, and government innovation, as well as government operations and the federal workforce. 

Additionally, he is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, specifically serving on the subcommittee for Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, where he holds the position of Vice Chair and the subcommittee on oversight and accountability. Furthermore, Burchett is part of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, participating in the subcommittees on aviation, highways and transit, railroads, pipelines, and hazardous materials.

These fields provide opportunities for Congressman Burchett to engage in discussions on UFOs, through data security, disclosure, international cooperation, and aviation safety. It is still rare for an active congressman to openly discuss UFOs, as the topic has often been met with skepticism or simply considered outside the mainstream political discourse.

U.S. Rep Matt Gaetz By Ike Hayman, U.S. House Office of Photography/House Creative Services, Public Domain

Classified Briefing

Speaking on the topic, he recently confirmed in another interview that he had received a classified briefing in Florida where he “talked to the pilots and they described what they saw under government oversight”. As an example on how Washington controls access to information, he explains

“If it hadn’t been for Matt Gaetz, we wouldn’t have been briefed on it because they turned us away when we got down there and they started to brief us on something that’s very important, but the part that we flew down there, they were not going to allow it to happen. [...] A call was made to Washington, and Washington called down there and said ‘Give them permission’ [...] You’ll see when I get close to the target, somebody will start sniping at me. [...] That’s the way they do it, they destroy people, this is the real deal and I don’t think people realize that is the real deal”.  

Describing the infrared picture of a craft shown to Gaetz, Tim Burchett declared that “Its heat signature was in the bottom of it, it was an elongated bell or a compressed saucer type situation and it had some particular things on it”.

In another interview, regarding the reason why he was convinced UFOs are real, he explained: "There is no vapor trail, it can turn, I talked to too many pilots [...] people will send me pictures of UFOs and things, and I have access to some folks who have analyzed several of these, and on one thing there were three different, one of them, they said was not, but two of them they said were definitely something not of this world."

Matt Gaetz, the U.S. Florida Representative, declared in a recent interview: “I have seen evidence of craft that I am not familiar with any of our allies or adversaries or even our country possessing. I've seen that craft taken by air crews who have gotten quite close to it and we've got a lot more questions about why this information isn't more broadly available to the American people”. 

Washington Capitole By David Maiolo - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


The interview begins with Congressman Tim Burchett explaining his interest in mysteries, and how he went on the front pages when a reporter from TMZ asked him what he thought of the UFO report, and he said "I think it's a joke, I think it's a cover-up, more people believe in UFOs than they believe in the Congress, [the report] will be so redacted that it will look like a piece of swiss cheese". He then openly discusses how very credible citizens call him to report how they were forbidden by US agencies to talk about their UFO sightings. He then adds "The more I dig into this, the more I see the cover-up, and I think transparency is a good thing", explaining:

"If people don't stick in it, they'll just keep whitewashing, the puppet masters will still be pulling the strings. They marginalize people like me and make fun of me and try to bait me, and I get little shots over the bow taken at me over the internet, but if people like me don't do something, imagine what else is out there that they cover up [...] I think some of our members are compromised [...] It's a huge issue, people are concerned about it, it's greed, it's power, it's technology"

He continues, declaring about Stanford's Garry Nolan's recent interview at SALT:

"He was supposed to get foreign materials and then was blocked, [...] that's just Washington 101"

He then draws a parallel between the alleged UFO cover-up and the fact that documents pertaining to the Kennedy assassination are to this day kept secret, and adds:

"If you have some foreign technology or alien technology as a case may be, and you reverse engineer it, there is an incredible amount of power and there is money involved in that, and I think we are just scratching the surface."

Such a sentence is reminiscent of a famous quote by late Nevada Senator and political giant Harry Reid: when asked if UFO evidence has not yet been publicly disclosed, Reid answered: "I’m saying most of it hasn’t seen the light of day".

The interview continues by examining his point of view on the first UAP hearings that happened in May 2022:

"One of the pilots, I believe, was in the audience, and he had to have fake credentials to get in, they weren't even gonna let the guy in, an American pilot, best in the world, and they were not even gonna let him testify [...] it's just a cover-up from top to bottom"

Regarding the impact the realization that UFOs could be extraterrestrial crafts would have on the population, he states: "We can handle it, it's not gonna offset my religious belief or my thoughts". He continues by referring to religious texts allegedly describing close encounters but he insists that for him UAPs are "from another life formed somewhere else".

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio


Later in the interview, Tim Burchett is asked what would be able to move the lines about UAP, he answers:

"Talk is cheap, and we've got to have somebody on the inside, a whistleblower, or somebody, come forward with information. I've talked to pilots who said that they've destroyed evidence, which should be a film of some sort because if they were to bring that back, they would be debriefed, which would probably be a 12-hour interrogation, and they would have their credit and their record blemished because of it."

He then expresses his utmost doubt about the efficiency of the current whistleblower protection, due to the amount of stigma still being spread among military personnel. In his opinion, only a whistleblower willing to risk it all and publishing undeniable proof online will be sufficient to break the level of secrecy currently ongoing on the topic.

He then declares that even when there are very high-ranking officials stating that there are alleged extraterrestrial motherships launching smaller crafts in the atmosphere, it is only an attempt to obtain funds from taxpayers. According to him, these officials have already access to photographs, but "they are going to wrap a price tag around this" and request "a billion dollars to study it". He adds:

"they don't need to study it, they need to release the files"

Chrissy Newton then asks if that concerns Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon, as they are both former high-ranking officials, but Burchett denies it, stating former AATIP director Lue Elizondo and him are friends and that he believes some officials are actually trying to get information out.

He then insists that since he is in Congress, the US Department of Defense never managed to pass a single financial audit, adding that it loses a billion dollars per year without anyone questioning it.

When asked about what happens behind the walls of Congress, he declares :

"There are probably half a dozen of us that actually talk specifically about it. Most of it is just trying to humiliate me and make fun of me [...] somebody's going to use it against me [...] but we had 13 documented near misses of our military aircraft, we are talking an aircraft worth 50 million or more [...] and we have something in our military airspace that we do not control, and to me that's very important, and that's very chilling that no one seems to care. Or maybe they do care, but they are told not to care publicly."

Regarding the reason why he thinks that these alleged crafts are extraterrestrial in origin, he explains that in the current state of the world, would they be from China or Russia, that would be game over immediately for the United States and Ukraine, as the other countries would have already attacked. In his opinion, the research done on these alleged crafts is now under corporate control outside of governmental direct knowledge:

"I believe there are files existing somewhere, photos possibly, crafts somewhere else, and I think it's so small and the amount of people that are actually in the know are compartmentalized [...] It's going to take [...] a strong president [...] somebody with the willpower to say: " No I don't believe you, "Im cutting off your money, bring me this information"


The interview ends with gloomy notes about the excess of secrecy and corruption in Washington. Tim Burchett then states that the best whistleblowers would be the pilots. He insists that the best course of action would be to "get them in front of everybody" because he doesn't "trust the government to bring anything forward of any substance".

He concludes:

"We need to know the truth, we need transparency, and we are not getting it [...] the best we can do is to keep the talk alive with real scientific data and keep it out of the hands of the folks that are just trying to kill it"

Main Picture: U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett By U.S. House of Representatives -, Public Domain

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