Dozens of US Marines witnessed strange lights near a military base

Reporter Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp uncovered a mass sighting event in 2021 in California, witnessed by military personnel for 10 minutes.


Published 2023-05-23 at 10:35

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Journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp unveil a new mass sighting case observed by military personnel near 29 Palms, California

On May 23, 2023, journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp made public for the first time a series of videos filmed 2 years ago, April 20, 2021. George Knapp situated the case at 29 Palms, one of the largest US Marine bases, next to Camp Wilson, California.

Jeremy Corbell (left) and George Knapp (right), Weaponized Podcast under fair use for Information

The Case

On his Weaponized podcast, Corbell recounts being tipped by 2 bases at the same time by a high-level informant, corroborated by what he explained as “a flood of reports of triangle-shaped craft incursions over military bases”, with numerous testimonies and videos, received 36 hours after the event. He then declares that more than 50 individuals he knows witnessed the alleged craft. 

The first video shows a series of twinkling lights arranged in a curve, slightly moving. A voice then says “What it is…”. The witness, surrounded by a few people, could see the outline of the body with the naked eye, even though it is not visible in the video. According to Corbell, the lights’ source was in the air for around 4 minutes before the first video was taken. 

Corbell and Knapp, Weaponized, under fair use for information
still picture from video 2, Corbell and Knapp, Weaponized, under fair use for information

The Witnesses

He continued, explaining that the word spread, and other witnesses started to record. In the second video the same series of light is visible and on the audio recording a series of exclamations can be heard:

  • Those are not rounds because rounds fall
  • Yeah!
  • And nobody shoots in a 5 guns section!
  • You can see the outline or something...
  • It’s moving!
  • Your Leader!
  • Yo we got aliens out here! 
  • This is my phone’s camera!
  • This is [...] weird!
  • We got UFOs outside!
  • Everyone’s out here!
Corbell and Knapp, Weaponized, under fair use for information
Picture, Corbell and Knapp, Weaponized, under fair use for information

The Investigation

According to the witness reports collected by Jeremy Corbell, the craft was hovering for a while before slightly moving, but without a sound.

In the third video the witness pans to the right to give the reference point of the barracks, then declares: “Now it’s not showing up in my camera”. Jeremy Corbell managed to track down where it was taken. George Knapp insists that Marines on their home base are very well-trained observers and points to the expletives used in the video, as proof that they were seeing something uncommon.

In the fourth video , the same line of light appears, and at the same time the witness declares “There are more lights around it”. Jeremy Corbell then explains that the lights were continuous and that the blinking effect came from the autofocus struggling to lock the source. 

In the following video, Jeremy Corbell explains that we are seeing illumination rounds fired by another Marine team trying to illuminate the alleged craft, and adds that, at the same time, witnesses declared that the purported craft seemed to disappear but the footage cuts before that moment. Jeremy Corbell then calls for other witnesses to come forward, before describing the size of the shape as being between 45m (50ft) to the size of a large house. He also expresses the hope that radar tracks and thermal imagery have been captured, considering the substantial military response to the event, which involved helicopters, planes and personnel according to Corbell.

He then showed photographs of the alleged craft aligned with the one of base’s buildings and a photograph of the alleged craft, taken in a low light mode of the craft, showing the outline of the craft.

Corbell and Knapp, Weaponized, under fair use for information
Low light picture, Corbell and Knapp, Weaponized, under fair use for information

Jeremy Corbell then plays audio interviews of witnesses corroborating the description above, adding that the object stayed level for 10 minutes. Another witness with experience of Lumen rounds declares that it "wasn’t anything like that", and that it was the size of a stealth bomber, only silent. 

Witnesses then describe the alleged craft disappearing, then helicopters going after it, before starting to grid the area looking for it, accompanied by a 60 truck convoy. One of the witnesses then declares that it was nothing similar to what the US had, as far as he was aware. 

George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell concluded the podcast by renewing their call to additional witnesses and materials regarding that case.

Main picture: Photo by James Wheeler

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